My Journey Learning the Spanish Language (so far!)

My Journey Learning the Spanish Language (so far!)


When I started 8th grade, I knew only one thing: I wanted my to take as many high school classes as possible so I could get them out of the way. Since I had already taken Algebra, my only other options were Spanish 1 and Geometry. I decided to put them both on my schedule, even though I longed to learn German.

8th grade went by quickly, and I definitely didn’t think Spanish was my passion. I got a “B” in the class through just paying attention and doing my classwork, and I didn’t even think I would continue the language throughout high school. When I started 9th grade I planned on switching to German, and just ditching that credit altogether. However, something in my heart made me change my mind, and I started Spanish 2. As soon as I started the class, I was in love. My teacher was great; she played Spanish music for us, made us create our own plays, and even introduced us to food from Spanish speaking countries. Yet again, I didn’t have much desire to learn outside of the classroom; however, this class set up my journey through self studying.

In my sophomore year I started Spanish 3. I had a couple good friends in it, and even had the same teacher. The class was a blast, and I enjoyed it more than I did my electives. Even after school, I looked forward to studying for the class and I started watching Netflix shows in the Spanish language. Whenever I was asked what my favorite subject was, I replied with “Spanish”. My friends lightly teased me for this, claiming “Spanish is the worst subject!”. But I didn’t care, and would reply that math is the worst subject 🙂

My Spanish Language Classes Now…

Finally, in my current junior year, I skipped Spanish 4 and went straight to AP Spanish Language. My school doesn’t offer it in person, so I had to take it online. Although the class is challenging, I really enjoy improving my Spanish and I like learning the intricacies of the language.

I hope to be taking AP Spanish literature next year, and I am hoping by the end of my high school career, I can get to the C1 CEFR level!