Spanish Christmas Vocab

Spanish Christmas Vocab


Last week, I was talking to one of my close friends in Spanish. We talked about random things and all was going well, until she asked me what I was planning to do this Christmas. I dug deep into my mind to think of how to describe my Christmas traditions – but I couldn’t think of any words!

That experience made me realize that I need to start studying more seasonal vocab – and what better way to do that than make some flashcards?

I included everything I could think of that would be useful to know around the holiday season : food, different variations of “Santa”,  and how to say the names of classic toys!

Anyways, I hope you and your Spanish classes enjoy this vocabulary list, and have a happy holiday season!



  • Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas
  • La Navidad – Christmas
  • El Día de Navidad – Christmas Day
  • El árbol – tree
  • El árbol de Navidad – Christmas tree
  • La tarjeta – card
  • La tarjeta de Navidad – Christmas card
  • Papá Noel – Santa Claus (Argentina, Spain, Bolivia, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador)
  • San Nicolás – Santa Claus (Venezuela, Honduras)
  • Viejito Pascuero – Santa Claus (Chile)
  • Colacho – Santa Claus (Costa Rica)
  • Burro – Donkey
  • Reno – Reindeer
  • Trineo – sleigh
  • Nieve – snow
  • Estrella – star
  • El Muñeno de nieve – Snowman
  • El Villancico – Christmas carol
  • El Espumillón – tinsel
  • El Muérdago – mistletoe
  • La Cava -Spanish sparkling wine (similar to champagne)
  • El Mazapán – marzipan
  • El Turrón – nougat (a spanish nougat like dessert made with ground almonds
  • Una Rosca de Reyes – a round bun (baked for 6th January with candied fruits and things hidden inside)
  • Los Polvorones – Spanish Sweet (powdery, made with ground up almonds)
  • Pastel de Navidad – Christmas cake (like a fruitcake with almond paste and icing)
  • El Pavo – Turkey
  • Un tronco de Navidad -Yule log
  • Entremeses – Appetizers
  • Cochinillo Asado – suckling pig
  • Galets – Soup with Pasta filled in mince meat (Catalan)
  • El Regalo – gift
  • El Regalo de Navidad – Christmas gift
  • El Papel de regalo – wrapping paper
  • El Papel de envolver – wrapping paper
  • La Muñeca – doll
  • El Peluche – stuffed animal
  • El Tren eléctrico – electric train
  • El Bloque – toy block
  • El Dinosaurio – dinosaur
  • El Juguete – toy
  • El Muñeco – action figure

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