My Top 5 UNIQUE things to do in Montreal!

My Top 5 UNIQUE things to do in Montreal!


I love Montreal.

While I’m not claiming to be a city-dweller or anything, it was the most beautiful, amazing, and unique city I had ever been to. I loved everything about it – from seeing the Notre-Dame Basilica, to trying new foods, and even learning a little bit of French πŸ˜‰ I hope to someday come back to Montreal, and to discover even more about this wonderful city!

But anyways, enough with me ranting about how much I love this city! Here are the top 6 unique things I recommend to do in Montreal!

1. Visit Chinatown

This was actually the very first thing I did in Montreal! I stayed in the AC by Marriott, which is literally RIGHT next to Chinatown, so my family and I decided to check it out. The very first thing you will probably notice about Chinatown is the HUGE arch that welcome you into the enclave!

the top 5 unique things to do in Montreal

Another amazing thing about the Chinatown in Montreal is all of the wonderful food! There were so many interesting things to eat, especially desserts πŸ˜‰

The top 5 unique things to do in Montreal

My favorite dessert I tried in Montreal was DEFINITELY egg waffle ice cream! Egg waffle ice cream is a delicious dessert from Hong Kong. It’s ice cream wrapped in a waffle that is crunchy yet slightly creamy on the inside of the bubbles. Many restaurants top the ice cream with fun things like Pocky sticks, matcha powder, chocolate drizzle, and sprinkles! It’s a treat for the eyes, mouth and your instagram feed πŸ™‚

5 unique things to do in montreal

Anyways, enough with all the talk about food. I highly recommend that you check out all the shops around Chinatown, and enjoy all of the unique and exciting things it has to offer!

2. Check out the Montreal Olympic house

I didn’t even know this existed until I actually started exploring Montreal! The “Olympic House” is a huge, tall building that celebrates both the olympics and sports in general. Outside of the building, if you look up reeeeaaaaally high, you can see the Olympic rings on top of the building.

The Top 5 Fun Unique things to do in Montreal

(PS… check out my Instagram for my video of the Olympic house!)

Inside, there are lots of activities about the Olympics in general and in Canada! Overall, I think that this is a fun place for everone to visit!

3. For language lovers – Check out Librairie Michel Fortin

If you’re a language lover, you’ll love Librairie Michel Fortin! It is a bookstore that has THOUSANDS of language learning books, in pretty much any language you can think of! I picked up Don Quixote, and a book about Pablo Picasso in Spanish πŸ™‚ They boast having the largest selection of language learning materials in North America, and I can believe it. For their books being focused on just one subject (language aquisition), they are huge and have a huge variety!


According to their website, they have over 13,000 books related to language learning. As a big geek about that sort of stuff, I was super excited to go there and pick out some books!

4. Visit RESΓ“ (The Underground City)!

I feel like this is underrated because not many people talk about it! The Underground city is a series of many malls, metro stations, office towers, arts venues, movie theaters, and even residential and commercial complexes that are all interconnected underground. There are between two and five floors, depending on which area of the Underground City you are in, and over 19 miles of tunnels. This is how locals deal with the bitter Montreal winter, they do their shopping and business in the warm underground!

Fun things to do in Montreal visit the underground city (the RESO)

As you can see by the photo, there are also many beautiful decorations in the city! It was nothing like the metro stops that I am used to in DC. The inside was overall very clean from my experience, along with interesting and beautiful.

5. Learn and practice some French

I love language learning, so I had to include this! Before I went to Montreal, I brushed up on my (poor) French speaking skills and started the Duolingo course for French. Although I didn’t understand much of what people were saying, it was nice to have at least a vague idea of what people were talking about, and what things like billboards read! Along with that, I think it is pretty fun to try your hand at a language that you haven’t had much practice with before, especially in a foreign country where that is the main language spoken!


I hope you all enjoyed this list, and it helps you decide what to do in this beautiful city!

My top 5 unique things to do in Montreal

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