Face Masks For When Your Skin Feels Dead

Face Masks For When Your Skin Feels Dead


Face Masks for when your Skin Feels Dead

(maybe these actually work, maybe i’m a sucker for cute packaging. who knows?)

Hey guys! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I do both indoor and outdoor track and field at my school. Indoor track is in the winter season, and outdoor is in the spring. Now, indoor track sounds all fun and cool, but the problem is that my school doesn’t have an indoor track. So what do we do, even when it’s freezing cold? We practice outside.

Now, I’m not trying to complain about track (i’ll practice in any weather to do what I love), but being in the freezing cold five days a week for a few months straight leaves my skin feeling reptilian.

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Anyways, enough with my rant and my excuses for having dry skin. Here are my favorite face masks!

1.  Aritaum’s Fresh Power Essence Pack – Collagen

There are a bunch of different power essence packs from this brand, but I’ve only tried the collagen one. I think most people already know what collagen is, but if you don’t, collagen is basically what makes your skin elastic and youthful.

Anyways, I think this mask works really well! It comes in a tube kinda like the applesauce tubes that moms buy their little kids so they don’t make a mess, which is nice because you can use as much or as little of the mask/essence as you want. The packaging is more mature than some packaging for Korean skincare is, yet is still cute and simple.The best korean face masks for dry skin

This mask is a sleeping mask, which means you apply it at night and wash it off in the morning. Admittedly, the first time I used this mask I didn’t wash it off in the morning. In my defense, the instructions are entirely in Korean, but I still felt silly wondering all day why my face felt so weird.

After I actually washed off the mask, my skin felt really nice! It felt hydrated and not sticky or oily at all, which is something I love about this essence.

Buy it here 

Or here

2. J.One’s Jelly Pack Luminous Mask

This mask is unique because it’s two parts; a charcoal sheet mask, and a jelly pack. It’s supposed to even skin tone, firm your skin, and purify it with the sheet mask, then hydrate your skin with the jelly pack. I think it’s technically an anti-aging mask, but I used it right before prom and it worked great.

The packaging is unique yet still minimalistic, which I really liked. The sheet mask and jelly pack are perforated so you can tear them apart in case you want to use them at different times, but it’s recommended you use them together to get the best effects.

At first, I was hesitant to use charcoal on my face. I know it’s been a trend for a while, but I had just never used charcoal before. Luckily nothing weird happened to my face so I’ll be trying it again!

The sheet mask is supposed to be left on your face for 15-20 minutes, and something I found interesting is that it started to dry around the edges towards the end! I think this is because of the charcoal, or maybe it’s just the first time I noticed that happening.

The jelly pack made my skin feel SO hydrated and moist, yet still not oily. One of my pet peeves is when a mask makes my skin feel super oily or feels super thick, but this mask didn’t do either of those.

Get it here

Or here

Just the jelly mask

3. Tonymoly’s I’m Real Sheet Masks

Who would I be if I didn’t mention these masks?

These might be the most basic Korean sheet masks, but they work (and the packaging is really cute).

This sheet mask series has tons of different purposes and ingredients in each mask that make each one unique. I think I’ve tried every one of these, or at least most of them (I might be obsessed), but my favorite has to be the green tea one, but I might be biased because I love green tea!

The best korean face masks

Get them here

Or here

Anyways guys, thanks for reading my post! I hope these masks help you avoid having dry, reptilian skin 🙂



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