Hey there!

My name is Maddie, and I’m a 17 year old lifestyle blogger with too many hobbies.

I like to write about everything I love, which includes (but definitely is not limited to) travel, language learning, beauty, fashion, vegetarian food, exercise, and so much more.

My Favorite Things…

Foods/drinks: Green tea, dark chocolate (86% cacao, specifically), mango sticky rice, quinoa, enchiladas

Artists: Joan Miró, William Kentridge, Salvador Dali, Alexander Rodchenko, Keith Haring

School Subjects: Foreign Language, Art, HistoryVideo Games: Yoshi’s Island, Animal Crossing

Musicians/Bands: Selena, Green Day, Drake (basic, I know), Sublime, Soundgarden, PUTOCHINOMARICÓN


I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

– Maddie 🙂